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4x4 Industrial Paramedical Services

Our Medical division was formed to provide HIGHER TRAINED, BETTER EQUIPPED MEDICAL AND SAFETY PROFESSIONALS who are dedicated to making a positive impact in workplace health, safety and in the chain of survival of individuals. Through working with provincial EMS services it has been noted that what is currently being offered to the oil and gas industry as “medical services” is extremely lacking to Provincial EMS standards and expectations. Many drilling and exploration projects occur in remote areas where EMS or hospitals can be well over an hour away. This concerned standard safety which resulted in forming of the division with a goal of bringing Advanced Life Support experience and equipment to the people working in those situations.

To compliment and assist our staff, RCM proudly draws upon the expertise of our Medical Director, Dr. Cledwyn E. Lewis. In addition to being a specialist in emergency medicine, Dr. Lewis is currently the Medical Director for Alberta Health Services - North Zone Emergency Medical Services. This means our staff gets the same direction and can provide the SAME LEVEL OF CARE AS THE LOCAL HOSPITAL.

We believe in having the right people; not those who only hold proper certifications but also have the right attitude and previous experiences to be a leader in the field. We employ staff with PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE IN TREATING PATIENTS of all ages with medical, traumatic and rescue emergencies. This provides a solid foundation for standard safety to deliver exceptional onsite services. Our personnel MAINTAIN THEIR SPECIALIZED SKILLS WITH LOCAL PROVINCIAL, MUNICIPAL AND PRIVATE EMERGENCY SERVICES, which allows us to continue building relationships with rural and urban emergency services in our working areas. Both management and employees are called on to represent Standard Safety as an industry leader and aid in everyone’s common goal of returning home after a hard day’s work injury free.

Training Levels

Standard Safety offers experienced and actively practicing paramedics from all licensing levels. We do not offer EMR services. Our licensing levels include:

  • Primary Care Paramedic (PCP/EMT) 2011 NOCP Standards
  • Intermediate Care Paramedic (ICP/EMT-A)
  • Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP/EMT-P)

Along with up-to-date training and certification, we also ensure our staff has all the equipment, tools and medications they need to carry out their job to their full scope of practice. Our standards of care far exceed Occupational Health and Safety requirements as we UPHOLD OURSELVES TO PROVINCIAL AMBULANCE STANDARDS.


Standard Safety's fleet of 4×4 industrial ambulance units provide our staff with an optimal work environment while enabling access to remote areas in all types of terrain. As Standard Safety utilizes the same top quality medical equipment as provincial ambulance services, we are able to transfer patient care with the highest level of compatibility. Our setup allows our medical professionals to perform their duties to their full scope of practice without restrictions. With superior units and equipment, Standard Safety offers a LEVEL OF CARE THAT IS UNAVAILABLE ON A STANDARD MTC SETUP.

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