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Wireless Remote Gas Monitoring

Standard Safety offers 'forced induction' vapor scrubber units. The main shell and internals of these units are made from 304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and longetevity. These units use the force of the vapors through the unit to come in contact with our specialized stainless distributors which are located inside of the unit. The primary distributor creates a 360 degree pattern for the vapors to radiate out to the main distrbutor. The main distrbutor has enormous surface area yet provides almost no back-pressure inside of the unit. It is here where liquid-to-vapor cohesion takes place. This transfer zone yields extremely high removal efficiencies (high as 98%) for compounds such as hydrocarbons and H2S.

Knock-outs on the inlet and outlet are also available to help remove particulate from entering and exiting the unit.

ScrubTech chemical media is designed only for Bubble-Up style vapor scrubber units. This product contains high VOC absorbing LEL-Scrub X (for hydrocarbons) and Sulphide-Scrub VT 6% (for H2S) in one chemical media. Simply add this media to your scrubber and you are able to remove VOC's and H2S simultaneously.

  • Removal efficiencies as high as 98.5% for hydrocarbons such as gasoline.
  • Uses Standard Safety’s economically priced ScrubTech chemical media to absorb H2S and Hydrocarbons
  • Excellent for vacuum truck emissions & tank venting operations
  • Includes check valve, sample ports and knock-out canister
  • Requires no utilities
  • Excellent for remote locations
  • Using other scrubbing solutions, unit able to scrub a host of other vapors

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